News & Notes – October 2016
News & Notes – October 2016
News & Notes – October 2016
News & Notes – October 2016
News & Notes – October 2016
News & Notes – October 2016
News & Notes – October 2016
News & Notes – October 2016
News & Notes – October 2016
News & Notes – October 2016

"I have been performing on the stage since I

was 8 years old. But my most recent experience

as part of the hit musical Loving the Silent Tears has given me a new perspective about stage presence."





News & Notes – October 2016

• I returned from a fantastic visit to my hometown; Poços de Caldas in Minas Gerais, Brasil. I spent some quality time with family, friends, and music. My special show (duo) with grand guitarist, Alexandre de Almeida was a huge success. I saw many, many, fans and friends from times past. I also visited the workshop of Carlinhos Luthier in Venceslau Brás and picked up my custom made cavaquinho! What a gorgeous instrument and the sound is absolutely incredible! I am so excited! Lots of practicing ahead for me.

• I also had a few business meetings in Brasil about my new CD. I hooked up with a great producer, the recording studio is set, and the basic mood and expectations were discussed. The CD will be 13 or 14 songs; mostly written by my father, Dercilio Passoni (with new arrangements) and a few written by me. I’m returning to my Brazilian sertanejo roots for this CD !!! We hope to record in the spring of 2017. Stay tuned !!!

News & Notes – September 2016

• I am really looking forward to my September 10th show in Ripon CA – The Women of Brazil. I will be sharing the stage with Téka, a great guitarist and fabulous singer. John Griswold and friends (non-profit have put together a great night of fun with wine, dinner, an art show (3 artists including Paulista Rita Barbano) and late night dessert/coffee bar. The music is going to be great and I will be debuting my recently acquired cavaquinho skills. This is the final concert of the “2016 Lucca Winery Outdoor Summer Concert Series” set in a beautiful outdoor location.

• September will also bring some well-earned rest for me. I’ll be visiting family & friends in Poços de Caldas (my hometown), Brasil. I have one special show there (duo) with grand guitarist, Alexandre de Almeida. I will also take a short trip to Venceslau Brás to pick up my new custom made cavaquinho! I am so excited! Churrascos here I come!

News & Notes – August 2016

• In late July I went to Los Angeles to record a song that I co-wrote with two “major cats” of the Smooth Jazz scene. It was pure joy and a pleasure to work with Roberto Vally and Jeff Caruthers! We had fun and most important our song is amazing! I just heard the first mix and I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO HEAR THE FINAL PRODUCT! Stay tuned!

• I am on the road again this week to Los Angeles to record another song; a collaboration with Ron Boustead. It’s a great tune with English/Portuguese vocals and lyrics. Ron and I will be singing together and I’ll be adding my Brazilian bossa touch. More news about that soon.

• My early release of All You Need Is Love is being heard on terrestrial and internet radio waves around the world. Thank you Boston, Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Florida, Spain, the UK, Holland, the Philippines, Japan, Brasil; for helping me share a little ‘love’ that the world so desperately needs.

(Português) Novidades – Julho 2016

Estou lançando um novo single, hoje, uma versão bossa nova de All You Need Is Love (Beatles). Esta música foi um presente de amor e carinho para comigo da minha banda. Eu estava planejando lançar-la no dia 16 de Setembro que se comemora O Dia Internacional da Paz. Porém, contudo e todavia com os recentes e estranhos eventos acontecendo nos Estados Unidos e em todo mundo. Decidi fazer o lançamento HOJE! Todo o resto deste mês, você pode baixá-la gratuitamente AQUI.

A humanidade precisa prestar mais atenção em si mesmo e reexaminar seus valores morais e suas ações. Amor, compaixão e respeito mútuo são a única esperança para se ter paz e dignidade humana.

Obrigada Mike Shapiro, Jamieson Trotter, Marcel Camargo e Hussain Jiffry por suas contribuições musicais e este arranjo sincera do coração. Obrigada Bill Schnee para o seu toque especial.

“Muitas vezes, nós julgamos os outros pelos seus piores exemplos, enquanto que nos julgamos por nossas melhores intenções” – George W. Bush 2016

News & Notes – July 2016

I am releasing a new ‘single’ today! A Bossa Nova version of the Beatles hit All You Need Is Love. This song was a gift of love to me from my band. I had planned to release it on September 16th, 2016 the International Day of Peace. But with the recent events in the United States and around the world, I have decided to release it NOW. For the rest of the month you can download it for free here.

Humanity needs to take a hard look at itself and reexamine it’s values, morals, and actions. Love, compassion, and mutual respect are the only hope for peace and human dignity.

Thank you Mike Shapiro, Jamieson Trotter, Marcel Camargo and Hussain Jiffry for your musical contributions and this heartfelt arrangement. Thank you Bill Schnee for your special touch.

‘Too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples while judging ourselves by our best intentions’ – George W. Bush 2016

News & Notes – June 2016

• I am collaborating with Roberto Vally on a tune for his upcoming CD. I’ll be busy this month working on the lyrics and the music. I think we will have something special with a Brazilian flair. We should be recording in early July. Stay tuned for updates.

• My latest single Darlin’ (Beach Boys) is being heard around the world. Please make your request to your favorite radio station and add Darlin’ to your playlist(s). A huge “Thank You’ to all the DJ’s and program directors spinning Darlin’ (available for download at all the usual places).