Released June 2014

Let Your Love Rise (radio)

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Imagine a sunny afternoon at the beach in seclusion or with an intimate acquaintance and a bottle of Cachaça (Brazilian achohol). Now imagine the perfect soundtrack to go with that experience and what you might get is Fabiana Passoni’s “Let your Love Rise.” A collection of songs released more than 1 year after her previous record the excellent, “Dim the lights.”

The song that shares the title of this EP is an original song and Fabiana’s performance is a practice in vocal teasing. She manages to seduce the audience while still maintaining her tempered style of singing that will be familiar to fans and irresistible to newcomers. Her voice is alluring but never patronizing and the lyrics on the track compliment this quite well. The background to this is an elegant arrangement of guitar licks sprinkled with piano riffs. The final result is a display that balances playfulness and restrain; the perfect tease.

This is followed by Passoni’s rendition of Jame Brown’s 1965 soul-funk classic, “I feel good.” The original was given a makeover and the composition and lyrics are the only recognizable remnants. Fabiana takes the song and makes it her own. She tones down the energy levels and rawness that made the original so exciting but does this without sucking the life out of the track. When she sings “I feel good, I knew that I would,” the audience can believe her. While on the original Brown seemed exalted by enjoyable sensations, Fabiana seems to be quietly reveling in her elation on this version.

The EP finishes with her version of Carole King’s Jazzman. This song is a bit closer to home than “feel good” but yet still Passoni makes it all her own. The cascading piano chords and hauntingly powerful vocals are substituted for a more sparse musical arrangement and a smooth vocal performance by Fabiana. Another impressive cover.

If “Dim the lights” demonstrated Fabiana’s unique ability to take energetic classics from yesterday and turn them into smooth, seductive songs then this EP sees her continue that in fine form. Notwithstanding, this EP also displayed what she can do with completely original material. The self-titled track proves that Fabiana can generate her synthesis of calming, sultry but lively music within herself and not only when provided with a pre-existing muse. Few artists can manage both and still retain their identity but for Fabiana it seems effortless.

B. Nova Music: The Home of Bossa Nova

Coming with a new fresh sound for the summer season, Fabiana Passoni will release a new EP CD holding 4 amazing tracks featuring “LET YOUR LOVE RISE”, a pure Brazilian bossa flavor under the roof of a blue summer jazz sky for 2014/15. A wonderful chilled sound and refreshing atmosphere brought by her deep, smooth voice and crystal clear instrumental sounds. Fabiana paid a great tribute to jazz music giving this genre back its real value with a smart space for a stunning piano solo at the end of the track. This great instrumental finishing journey is taking place as a new style of jazz music.

She also recorded a new surprise for her listeners and fans remaking, in her style, the eternal tune “I FEEL GOOD” by James Brown. Maybe the name is already giving a funky idea to the reader but what Fabiana did is a fantastic reshape to a down tempo still with a boss touch for the pleasure of music lovers. Another wonderful remake of the track “JAZZMAN” is available on the CD where she takes her voice and Scott Mayo’s sax to a new experience of music loving.

Fabiana is providing something astonishing to the jazz and smooth jazz scene. Her music production and remaking styles are an important way to preserve a good place in the music industry.

Jamel Eddine Barbirou

Fabiana Passoni’s new EP Let Your Love Rise lets us move within and beyond the magic of contemplating, soothing, and swinging tunes. The title track starts out with modulating chords soon embellished by the charmingly unmistakable beat of Brazil’s Northeast’s baião rhythm in the hands of competent bassist Hussain Jiffry, apart from the palpitating percussionists Mike Shapiro and Gibi. In a way, we are in the air. Acoustic guitarists Kleber Jorge and Marcel Camargo control the strings of a musical web that keeps us together as we listen and dream along. We are like flying through the clouds of bliss that remind us of the best in Antonio Carlos Jobim’s melodies and moods.

Indeed, Fabiana Passoni’s lightly husky voice captains the journey of an aircraft also equipped with an enchanting piano by Jamieson Trotter and an inspiring alto flute by Scott Mayo. Aboard, there goes that competent crew in charge of bringing us high above the conventional and the predictable skies, now en route to imaginative and subtle realms of Brazilian jazz.

The release also features a marvelous bonus track, Jazzman, and an endearing bossa nova rendition of James Brown’s classic I Feel Good. Yes, we do feel good while listening to Fabiana Passoni’s new sound-craft. Yes, it pays to fly with her and her band.

Dário Borim Jr. – Massachussetts
Host of music show Brazilliance, on WUMD, 89.3 FM

“Let Your Love Rise”, the 4th release from this sultry voiced Brazilian vocalist/songwriter, is a bright, soulful body of work. Her extraordinary lush voice is well suited to the material, each track impeccably produced and performed. The band is proficient in the Brazilian musical language, never failing to translate it into every song with ease. The result is a pleasant departure from the ordinary.

The title track is an irresistibly sublime Baião that reminds us of what it is to feel joy and a testament to her ongoing mission to enjoy life and make the most of every moment. She has that rare ability to transform cover songs so that they fit seamlessly into her repertoire; James Brown’s ” I Feel Good” becomes a sultry ballad and Carole King’s “Jazzman”, a haunting poignant Bossa Nova, the result is that you experience these songs in a refreshing new way.

This is a solid effort, well worth listening!

Sharon Stevens – Washington state
Raízes Brazilian Radio,91.3 FM KBCS

Again Fabiana Passoni has impressed us! This time with her new single “Let Your Love Rise”. Our love for her music is rising indeed with songs like these because she did a great job on this production. It’s not only her beautiful voice or the stunning melody that stays in your head once you hear it; but also the outstanding musicians, the baião rhythm, even the cover pictures. It’s a total concept.

Fabiana always plays it safe, everything must be perfect, do it perfect or just don’t do it at all. While we still enjoy her former recordings, especially her original and unique album Naturalmente Brasil this EP Let Your Love Rise is the best addition so far to her recordings. Not only the jazzy title song Let You Love Rise with a beautiful bass line and impressive piano solo, but also the other added “flip side” songs, a bossa nova James Brown cover of I Feel Good and Jazzman are also a delight to listen to.

Brazilian Blend radio – Netherlands

The beautifully talented Brazilian Vocalist/Songwriter has completed her 4th release cd. The powerful title track Let your Love Rise has you again brought into the Brazilian vocalist’s journey of freedom and life expression. Fabiana’s voice is beautifully tainted lush. The band’s sounds are the exact collaboration that one expects of Fabiana Passoni and her team. Always an exciting adventure and journey with her music, including Carole King’s classic tune Jazzman from 74′. Her own delivery of James Brown’s – I Feel Good keeps your in love with her style.

Dj Paul Toothpicks Coory – Australia
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A distanza di un anno e mezzo da “Dim The Lights”, il suo precedente cd radiodiffuso dalle più prestigiose emittenti di tutto il mondo riscuotendo notevole successo, è uscito il nuovo Ep della cantante e compositrice brasiliana Fabiana Passoni dal titolo “Let Your Love Rise” riconfermando l’etichetta discografica Wilbur Music.

Per la prima volta la solare Fabiana Passoni utilizza la lingua inglese per veicolare il suo messaggio di positività e d’amore, di cui ne è pregno il brano originale da lei scritto “Let Your Love Rise” che dà il titolo all’EP. Sono presenti due versioni di questa strepitosa traccia, costruite magistralmente dai componenti della sua band, di cui una “radio” come inno di apertura, una vera e propria poesia in metrica accompagnata da ritmi baião e sonorità brazilian jazz.

Segue una stravolgente versione bossa nova del classico del mitico James Brown “I Feel Good”, una scelta coraggiosa ed innovativa nell’interpretazione e negli arrangiamenti acustici.

Molto raffinata la cover del brano “Jazzman” di Carol King, riproposta a distanza di 40 anni con un mood jazz attualizzato e moderno che evidenzia la brillante voce di Fabiana Passoni, sempre pronta ed attenta a ricercare sentieri musicali e vocali alternativi tanto da rendere nuovo un caposaldo del panorama musicale internazionale.

L’intero lavoro registrato, mixato e masterizzato a Hollywood, è stato prodotto dal batterista e percussionista Mike Shapiro che ha contribuito attivamente agli arrangiamenti dei brani insieme al pianista Jamieson Trotter.

“Let Your Love Rise”, una vera opera d’arte sonora, è disponibile dal 5 giugno 2014 in formato digitale su numerosi portali download tra cui iTunes, Amazon e CDBaby.

Hanno suonato in studio di registrazione accompagnando la voce di Fabiana Passoni i musicisti della sua band: Kleber Jorge (acoustic guitar, arrangements), Marcel Camargo (acoustic guitar), Jamieson Trotter (piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer electric piano, arrangements), Hussain Jiffry (bass, acoustic electric bass, arrangements), Mike Shapiro (drums & percussion, arrangements), Marco “Gibi” Dos Santos (percussion), Brad Duzt (percussion), Scott Mayo (alto flute, soprano sax, vocals, arrangements), Artyom Manukyan (cello).

“Let Your Love Rise” è il nuovo lavoro di Fabiana Passoni

Alex Di Ciò – ITALIA

ブラジル、ミナス出身のシンガーソングライター、FABIANA PASSONI(ファビアナ・パッソーニ)が6月に新作、ミニアルバム(EP)「Let Your Love Rise」リリース。現在はアメリカ・LAを拠点に活動しています。音質はミナスサウンド特有の美しいメロディに軽快なジャズフュージョンの風味を加えたボッサノヴァ、新ブラジルサウンドです。オリジナル曲のLet Your Riseが初めて聴いた時に懐かしさを感じ、ブラジルの青空を思い出し、帰りたくなりました。
Feel Good – James Brown)」のカバーを聴いた時に、曲どり”I Fell Good….Sugar and Spice”を感じ。よい気分になり、Sugar&Spice を溢れるブラジルでした、思うわず心から「ファビアナ オブリガド(有難う)」言ってしまいました。

Love FM - Daily Tips Portuguese
Fukuoka – Japan

Nascida em Minas Gerais, Brasil e atualmente morando em Los Angeles- EUA cantora, compositora Fabiana Passoni lança em junho seu novo EP “Let Your Love Rise”.

Som que lembra a música de Minas com bela melodia e pitadas de Jazz Fusion com Bossa Nova, ou seja um novo estilo de musica brasileira (New Brazilian Sound). Quando ouvi pela primeira vez a música original [Let Your Love Rise], um sentimento de saudades do céu azul do Brasil, aperto no coração e uma íncrivel vontade de voltar para o Brasil.

Em destaque a faixa [I Feel Good – James Brown] que ganhou uma nova versão brasileira. Ao ouvir pela primeira vez, senti o que a letra já diz: “I Feel Good….Sugar and Spice” ou seja uma sensação gostosa com temperos doces e ao mesmo tempo picantes de sabores brasileiros.
Neste momento uma vontade do fundo do coração de dizer, Fabiana OBRIGADO(ARIGATO).

(DJ) Wilson Taira
Love FM – Daily Tips Portuguese
Fukuoka – Japan

In 2012, Fabiana Passoni received a unique designation that affirmed the impact of her sultry mix of Jazz Fusion, Bossa Nova, Baiao and Samba on American audiences. She was chosen by the Brazilian International Press Awards Colegio Electoral as Best Brazilian Female Singer Living in the U.S. Her cool, sensual vocals are showcased beautifully on her graceful and rhythmic new single “Let Your Love Rise,” one of three vibrant tracks on her latest EP of the same name. She also puts her sweet, distinctive vocal stamp on a lush cover of Carole King’s classic “Jazzman,” and a cool Bossa version of James Brown’s “I Feel Good.” Fabiana is Fab!


La vocalista brasileña Fabiana Passoni edita un EP con el título de Let Your Love Rise

Fabiana Passoni es una vocalista brasileña afincada en Los Angeles que, en los últimos años, nos ha ido ofreciendo música de gran calidad. Así, hay que destacar algunos de sus últimos trabajos, como Dim The Lights en 2013 y Naturalmente Brasil en 2011. Ahora nos llega Let Your Love Rise, un EP grabado junto a músicos como los guitarristas Kleber Jorge y Marcel Camargo, el saxofonista Scott Mayo, el baterista Mike Shapiro o el teclista Jamieson Trotter. Como siempre, Fabiana Passoni nos regala elegantes versiones, en este caso sobre I Feel Good de James Brown y Jazzman de Carole King. Y, por supuesto, la sensualidad de Let Your Love Rise, el tema que da título a este trabajo y del aquí tienes su videoclip de presentación.

Esteban Novillo, Cloud Jazz

Fabiana Passoni (Brazil)

Em seu novo EP “Let your love rise” Passoni é suave e elegante no vocal, navegando pelas notas do jazz e bossa nova com muita propriedade. A faixa título do EP apesar de cantada em inglês contém o espírito da música brasileira, em alguns momentos me lembrou os arranjos de Tom Jobim. As outras duas músicas covers são magníficas, com arranjos refinados e a deliciosa voz que “abrasileira” as músicas. Fiquei fanzaço da versão de “jazzman” da Carole King.

Moderna Música
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Fabiana Passononi é Mineira e sua carreira se confunde com sua vida. A moça praticamente nasceu cantando. Fazendo shows pela nossa cidade, Poços de Caldas, MG ela encontrou notoriedade nos palcos pelo nosso mundo. Fui surpreendida pelo convite para escrever sobre seu novo EP. Tamanho prazer de escutar em escutar e EP ME deparar com o seu amadurecimento. Feito flor ela desabrochou.  Sinto mais firme nas suas notas e alcances vocais. Natural, naturalmente. Talvez o amadurecimento de um longo caminho de quem trilha a profissão sem pretensão, mas com a garra e o talento nato. O EP (nada comum no nosso país) traz 3 musica para o nosso deleite e nos deixa com vontade de quero mais.

O jazz se torna tão íntimo na nossa audição que eu me pergunto como afinação da banda e produção com a artista podem se encontrar em tão profunda sintonia…
Nós que vivemos sedentos de música sabemos da dificuldade de encontrar harmonia na melodia. Fabiana Passoni encontrou. Sorte nossa.

Ela compõe e canta lindamente. As releituras do EP dão a impressão de inéditas porque soam particular no timbre que é sinônimo de autenticidade e talento. Não posso esperar para escutar mais sons. Resta-nos colocar o EP no “Repeat ” e assim  transcender junto com a artista Fabiana Passoni. Play again AND ENJOY!

Flavia Araújo
Rádio Cultura AM 1350 Poços de Caldas, MG Brasil

The sweet and authentic Bossa nova of ‘’Let Your Love Rise’’ is entranced with magic with the unique marriage of Fabiana Passoni’s pellucid voice and the seductive sounds of Jamieson Trotter’s piano, Kleber Jorge and Marcel Camargo’s guitars and Hussain Jiffry’s bass, all involved on the same title track. This captivating fusion continues with the modern remakes of the legendary Godfather of Soul’s ‘’I Feel Good’’ and Carol King’s forty year old ‘’Jazzman.”

Dj Nova
Nova Planet Radio Show – Greece